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Single Stripe 1/4 inch (1 color)-PT #Stripe PT-Single Stripe 0.25-1

This stripe is 1 inch Width and 22 inches long. It’s like thick tape.

This stripe is usually placed in the middle of the helmet from front to back.  Some times 2 stripes are used with a gap in the middle placed on the helmet going from front to back. Other times stripes are placed starting in the middle and other stripes are placed on each side of this middle stripe (sometimes a gap showing the helmet is common before the next stripe begins). At times the middle section of the helmet is left blank with a stripe on each side of this gap. Again these stripes go from the front to back of the helmet starting in the middle.  You can mix and match any color and size to customize your helmet.


Because of manufacturer minimums all decals orders that are not a part of a custom helmet order have a quantity minimum of 5. If we have the numbers in stock the minimum will be waived. Contact us about availability before ordering less then the minimum.

Decal 1st Color:

BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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